Read the post to find ways that hypnosis may help you find your Mojo!     Feeling blah? Can’t seem to get your butt off the couch?

You’re lacking motivation and need a turbo boost to get going again. Hypnosis could be your answer. By bypassing you critical thinking and zooming straight into your subconscious, a hypnotherapist can give direct suggestions to you that help you think in a new way.

Taking a guided visualization is a soothing way to find purpose. It’s like being told a story as a child but along the way you can find a wise guide, your Higher Self, who gives you secrets that pertain only to you. During this calming hypnosis, you interact with your therapist and your Higher Self to learn the innermost possibilities of your mind. It’s a discovery journey and the results of opening yourself up to the wisdom of your own mind can work some pretty incredible revelations.

You may never have thought of using hypnotherapy for all these basic goals of motivation but think about it now. You know best what your best qualities are and only your own brain can search out what it is that motivates you. Give yourself permission to come to hypnosis and find all that has been sleeping inside your deepest self!

Angie Hernandez, C.Ht.

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Here I am at Graduation!

Here I am! I’ve finally arrived at graduation! I really graduated last year but it was too close to graduation for me to participate so I was allowed to walk this year.

Angie Hernandez, C.Ht. at HMI graduation, 2012.

Here I am at Graduation!

I was so excited! My husband, Gamal, and I arrived the day before to LAX. What a jampacked day we had!

This is the culmination of two years of study and internship then my private practice. It’s satisfying to arrive here. I’ve wanted to meet in person all my instructors and the staff. All those folks I’ve spent so much video time with as well as talking by phone and e-mail.

When you are interested in the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, you first apply for a month long free course to introduce you to hypnosis. I thought this course would satisfy my curiosity for the subject and I would move on. No way!  I was captivated and had to study more. It felt like coming home and I knew this was for me.

#1 Way Hypnotherapy May Help You – Self Confidence

Hypnotherapy May Help You Wth Self Confidence   Hypnotherapy can be very beneficial to improving self esteem. My clients often come in stuck in a mental rut, feeling like they can neither move forward nor see their way around the mental obstacles in their lives. But as hypnosis addresses the subconscious part of your mind and not that rational, mathematical mind you possess, we can talk to your “mental chauffeur” and suggest changes you imagine you just can’t make.

The thing is: your subconscious mind can make changes when approached the correct way and make them fast. That part of your brain never sleeps so it is working on problems while you sleep!

Did you ever go to sleep at night thinking over a problem you could not find a solution to only to wake up with the answer right in front of you the next morning? That’s your subconscious problem solving while you dream.

Did your Mom tell you to study the hardest thing for the test right before sleeping at night? She was right. Looking at a hard concept in the “Magic Half Hour” before sleep turns on your mental genius to turn that information over and over all night long. The next morning you can remember the facts with ease and see the problem’s solution clearly.

A good hypnotherapist can turn around your self confidence and help you accomplish tasks you never thought possible to you before.

I feel this article (  points out that women can be their own worst enemies. Even thought many of us have the same or better educations than men, we don’t believe we can be as successful. An Oxford study cited in the same article, says that women with higher educations still tend to apply for female friendly jobs on the whole while feeling they are not welcome in law or business. Not only welcome, but females tend to feel they will not be successful over their male counterparts! Come on, women! You can do it!

If you feel you are not living up to your potential, come or call me at 574-658-4686 and let’s talk about hypnotherapy.

Can you say “play with the big boys”? I knew you could.

I Was on TV!

I had the privilege of being interviewed about hypnosis and hypnotherapy on our local PBS station, WNIT.  Gordy Young and I talked a little about what is hypnosis and how I became interested in it. He even let me test his suggestibility! You can take the test too just follow along. (Let me know how you do!)


Angie Hernandez, C.Ht. on PBS's show "Experience Michiana"

Angie Hernandez, C.Ht. on PBS’s show “Experience Michiana”

Here is the link:


Jojo’s Triumph

Jojo came to me with terrific news. She’d been to the doctor for a checkup. Three months before, Jojo had been told to return in three months for another blood check; her cholesterol was too high. Doctor told her it would have to dealt with if no change was seen in three months. But this visit was different!

She had the blood drawn in the morning. By afternoon she received a call from the doctor!

“I’ve never had a doctor call me in my life,” she said.

The doctor called Jojo personally to say that all her numbers had improved dramatically. She had lost 16 pounds at this point and her body was excited about that! The cholesterol was so much better that her doctor told her, ” Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”

She was so excited and she was able to wear her new clothes she had purchased. I had instructed everyone to buy a piece of new clothing in a smaller size for an upcoming special occasion. Jojo’s was her birthday and her weight loss was right on!

I can’t wait to see how she’ll continue on her program and keep “youth-ing”!

A Quick Update

I’m sitting at the Indianapolis Airport waiting for a flight to Phoenix. My Mom needs my help to close her winter home up and arrange for sale. This came as a surprise but I’ve closed my shop and rescheduled clients to be gone for the week.

Our trial has ended and has been hugely successful! I was waiting to post hard numbers while one client was on a vacation and another working overtime so I couldn’t see them during this time.

I will give you more info during this coming week as I can so you can see the effectiveness of the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis. I have lost twelve pounds myself. I have had a few days of struggle and, in hindsight, I see that the stress of my Mom’s situation has been the cause of this. I haven’t been listening to my support CD and that is what has made this program successful for me, personally.

So…I’m back on track and I know this blip is just temporary. I’m taking what I learned and moving forward. I love how I feel in clothes now and even though I have more to lose, I’m well on my way. My mind is calm and I feel the confidence of knowing I have the resources within me to finish. I’m free of dieting and self doubt.

Thank you, Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis!!

Rick Gives Insight on His Progress Before His Third Session

Rick tells what’s been happening in his life. He talks about his progress with the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis and what eating is like now. Here is a transcript of his video:

“Well, here’s been my situation. It was my birthday last week, so I ate tons of stuff I shouldn’t have, however…it was funny. While I ate it, I said to myself, “You shouldn’t really be eating this.” So, now, as I think back I do notice that when I look at the plate of food now, I’m thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of food”, rather than, “I’m still going to be hungry after eating this.” So, yeah, I think I’m eating a lot less food. I feel like I’m fill up really fast and I don’t really get full. I just get to the point where I’m not hungry. so that’s working really well for me, at least at the point at my birthday. Shopping for me, clothing…it is exciting to see a smaller size, yeah, I’m going to fit into that and so it does seem like smaller things for me is way cool! I don’t know what it is about that but…yeah, it’s just going pretty well, I hope that I lose a lot more weight in the next week or two, but I was still down even though it was my birthday, so!

Jojo Gives Insight on Her Progress Before Her Third Session

Jojo tells what’s been happening in her life. She talks about her progress with the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis and what shopping means to her before and now. Here is a transcript of her video:

“I’m Joellen and, and um, it was kind of hard this week, Because I wanted to eat some things I shouldn’t and I know I shouldn’t. And I didn’t eat ‘em but I did the next night a little bit more than I should have. I don’t know. It’s still hard not to eat when you want to but and, yes, I have noticed my stomach feeling a little different. When I shopped for my clothes, I thought it was really good to look and try to get…I think it was good, OK.”