How to Quit Smoking Tips with Hypnosis – Session Three

  How to Quit Smoking Tips with Hypnosis – Session Three

   Session Three

This week, we’ll take a good look at Session Three of our how to quit smoking session.  We’ve already had the first session where our Smoker releases all of his past and current triggers and cravings.  He also pulled his future self back into the present so he can live that smoke free life right now!

In Session Two we looked at the challenges for our new Non-Smoker over the past week and we addressed those issues.  He also learned two techniques to relax himself instead of accepting cravings and stress.  He is well on his way to making this a permanent state.  A permanent non-smoker.  And in five years time without smoking, his chances of lung cancer are same as person who has never smoked.

  This Week

So this week, we’ll be looking for further times over last week when you may have felt strong urges to smoke.  We can discuss any dreams you may have had that can give us an insight into your recovery from smoking. And we will review the relaxation techniques of Anchored Breathing and Tapping.  It’s time to introduce one more technique that can make changes in the physical body like pain and also the mental extremities of stress, anger, frustration and cravings.  The Spin

The Spin might seem like a really Out There thing to you.  It does look strange and, on the surface, doesn’t seem to make sense.  And yet it does.  On a molecular level, it changes the energy around emotional and physical pain.  I’ve seen it work again and again.   Here is how you do it.

  •    Allow the emotion (let’s say anger) to rise up as strong as it can and rate it’s power from 0 to 10.
  •    Say out loud where the emotion is felt in your body.
  •    Point to the place in the body where you feel it.
  •    Now imagine that you pull the anger out of your body and it is sitting in the palm of your hand.
  •    Describe what that anger sitting in your hand looks like.
  •    What color is it?
  •    Does it have a voice?  What is it saying?
  •    Now take your hands and pull out the anger sitting in that spot in your body.
  •    Pull and pull until you have it all.  Then pull some more because some of it might hide.
  •    If it has moved to another part of your body, chase it down and pull it out from there.
  •    When you have it all, hold all of that in your hands and see if it is spinning clockwise or counterclockwise.
  •    Take your hands and force it in the opposite direction.
  •    Spin it faster and faster and faster until it’s spinning so fast that it becomes a blur.
  •    So fast that it can never return to the way it was before and then you know you have it.
  •    Now, slam it back into your body where it came from.
  •    Breathe deeply allowing any emotion that surfaces to arise.
  •    Try to get the original emotion back once more.

   The Results

You’ll find you cannot return to the feelings you had before.  Something’s changed.  And that’s how the Spin works.

  Your Third Hypnosis

This third hypnosis is different for each person.  We’ll be looking at where you need a little more support and add it into this session.  We’ll be visiting the future where you will be able to see yourself completely free of cigarettes.  You will notice that your future self hardly even remembers smoking.  It’s just something unimportant from the past.  You will incorporate this into your thinking and being.  We will re-enforce the idea that because of this success, you will find success in other things as well.  That one great choice will lead to others regarding your health and well being.  You will be a healthy example to others and you will overhear them say how they admire you and what you’ve been able to do.

   Smoking Cessation in Three Sessions

And that is Smoking Cessation in Three Sessions at Indiana Hypnosis Center.  I hope this has opened your eyes to stopping smoking with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  When you’re really ready, come see me or call me at (574) 658-4686.  I’m ready to help you quit.


How to Quit Smoking Tips with Hypnosis - Session Three

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