Quit Smoking for Good

   Quit Smoking for Good

You’re smoking and you know it’s bad for you, but you just can’t seem to quit for long. So, now what?
Wait a sec.
I’m not going to hit you with a bunch of stats on how cigarettes affect your health. You’ve probably heard all that before. For your own reasons, you are here reading this and you want to quit smoking.  You’re thinking of hypnosis to help you quit and you want to know why; why hypnosis and why come to me for my hypnosis program.  Well, keep on reading to learn about my three session hypnosis smoking cessation program and why it’s made to help you break the cycle of quit, start, quit, start.

 One Slip and it’s all Over

I’ll bet you’ve quit over and over just to keep thinking of the cigarettes.  One day you just thought, “I want one.”  And with one, you went right back to where you were before.

   What Good Was That?

All that effort for a few weeks off smoking? And then you feel terrible.
“I’m such a loser.  I can’t even kick this thing that I don’t even want anymore.”
You’re frustrated and angry and also afraid. If you can’t kick this, will it kill you? Will you end up one of those people who have to drag an oxygen tank everywhere you go?  Will you cough your head off and have that yellow and wrinkled skin?

But Every Time I Quit, It Seemed Right

What’s going on?
That’s what’s up with addiction; it lays in wait for you. When you have a low point; a tough day at work, a fight at home, a flat tire, an unexpected illness with your loved one; it strikes!  And then you’re smoking again.  And you make up all these stories about why it’s OK to smoke just that one.

How Do You Stay Stopped?

There’s one big difference between someone who’s quitting and a Permanent Non-Smoker.  The Quitter white knuckles it through but still thinks about smoking and misses it.  The Permanent Non-Smoker no longer gives it a thought. It’s just something he “used to do”.  If he even thinks about it at all.

The Scary Part

You’ve probably heard a former smoker say, “I quit 10 years ago but every time I drink a beer, I still want one.”  That’s really scary.  The last thing you want is to think about is trying to resist an urge for the rest of your life.  You don’t want to keep thinking about cigarettes forever.  You don’t want to think about them ever again.
But you don’t have to be that person. You don’t have to be just a Quitter who made the decision to quit and has been just pushing them away but wrapped up in the thought of cigarettes still.  They only quit at the conscious level.  You can change at the subconscious level.  You have the choice to put to rest the subconscious engagement in smoking.

   How Do I Know What’s Right?

Look, there are all kinds of ways to quit smoking and I’ll bet you’ve tried more than a few, right?  There are patches, lozenges, medication, cold turkey. There are hundreds of websites with ideas and probably thousands of tips to help you.  And there are lots of well-meaning folks ready to tell you the best ways to do it and good reasons why you should.  You can use any or all of those. In fact, I’ll bet you have.

   What are They All Missing?

They’re missing the most important part; including the help of the Subconscious Mind.  Maybe you thought your Subconscious Mind just did things for you like making your heart beat, stimulating your lungs to breath or giving you that tickly feeling in your stomach when a pretty girl walks by.  Well, it does all that and more.
Your Subconscious Mind learns lessons at an early age about life and continues to apply those lessons forever.  When you first started smoking cigarettes, you taught your Subconscious Mind that there were very good reasons for it.  Maybe it made you look cool. Maybe it made you look older and more hip.  Maybe it helped you fit in with your buddies.  Maybe someone you looked up to smoked and you wanted to be just like them.  Whatever your reasons were, your Subconscious Mind learned the lesson well and now it just keeps on going on with its original programming.

   But it Does Even More

It also controls triggers, urges and cravings; even if those feelings are no longer what you want. But I know I don’t want to smoke anymore and I’ve told my mind that I don’t.  Yes, in your Critical Mind you do know that. Your Critical Mind does math, listens and responds, talks and plans.  But your Critical Mind is only 12% of your mental power.  You cannot talk to your Subconscious Mind unless in hypnosis.  So, when your mind takes a vote to quit smoking, who wins?
Yes, your Subconscious Mind who has an 88% voting block!

   Time to Do it Right

So, if you want to do it right; quit smoking for life and make it the easiest time you ever quit, then it’s time to quit both consciously and subconsciously.
Use a Smoking Cessation program that will help you to quit once and for all and take your mind off smoking now and forever.

Are you ready to quit?
Are you really ready?

   Take This Test and See.

1) Can you remember times before you ever fell into smoking? Yes/No

2) Do you ever ‘forget to smoke’ or not think about it because you are in a No Smoking place such as at work, on a commercial flight or visiting someone in hospital? Yes/No

3) Can you see yourself using other nontoxic ways to meet your needs for overcoming boredom, nervousness or wanting a break? Yes/No

4) Do you still believe smoking’s lies or do you genuinely feel you have seen through it and want to quit? Yes/No
5) Have you got over or almost got over the classic ‘smoker’s optimistic distortion’. Do you still trot out those old sayings like: “I could get run over by a bus tomorrow!” or “my uncle Ted smoked 80 a day all his life and it never hurt him!” or have you seen through these kinds of illusions? Yes/No

6) Do you genuinely want to look out for and support your body? Yes/No

7) Do you love smoking enough to potentially sacrifice your life for it? Are the tobacco companies’ profits important enough to you to generously hand over your health? Do you genuinely feel that having something to do with your hands is a fair exchange for your time here on Earth? Yes/No

  Do You Need Help to Quit?

If you answered Yes to everything but the last question then you’re already ahead on the long way towards becoming a true Non-Smoker. You may not even need Smoking Cessation Hypnosis.
If you had a few more No’s, then the Smoking Cessation Hypnosis will get you the rest of the way.
How do you get my hypnosis help to quit?
By calling me!
Yes, this is a private session course that you do one on one with me.
You don’t have to live in Milford, Indiana to work with me.
I work with clients from all over the world by phone or Zoom. I’ve worked recently with folks in Canada, Mexico and many other states in the US.  You only need to call me and we’ll get started.

Get Started Now
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I’m easy to talk to. We’ll get you started with your first appointment and a lifetime free of cigarettes!


About the Author Angie J. Hernandez, C.Ht.

A graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Angie J. Hernandez, C.Ht., has her private practice in Milford, Indiana. She is certified in hypnotherapy by the Hypnotherapist's Union Local 472. Angie is the author of "Weight Loss Epiphany: The Workbook" and "The Pretty & Smart Planner. You can find out more about Angie and how to schedule private sessions by calling (574) 658-4686.

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