Stop Feeding the Snack Monster

Stop Feeding the Snack Monster

If you’re like the me, the Snack Monster often runs my life.  Even when I would eat a full meal and I could feel the weight of the food in my stomach, I still would feel the urge for more snacky food.  Ugh!  It was super hard to resist this and I usually lost that battle.  Can you relate?

I have searched for Y.E.A.R.S. for the answer to this.  And my weight has gone up and down. But mostly up. I’ve felt frustrated and disappointed and out of control.  Something weird seems to be up with my body that it wants me to eat all the time.

I’ve also found in my years helping dieters with hypnosis, that each person is an individual in their relationship with food.  What works for one person might not work for the next one.  So here are some great tips to help you and I’ll tell you when we’re at the one that works for me and my Snack Monster!

Check out this list for ideas about how to snack less and make smarter choices. Then choose the ones that work for you.

How to Snack Less

  1. Be mindful.
    Are you surprised to find you’ve eaten half a cake when you really meant to have one slice?   You can be more satisfied with less food if you pay attention to each bite. Turn off the TV, your phone, your computer and chew slowly.  Turn your whole attention to the food and put the rest of the cake out of sight.
  2. Leave the table.
    It’s difficult to tell when dinner ends and snacking starts if you sit around munching out on leftovers.  Clear the table and do something different from your usual routine, like taking a walk.
  3. Have a hearty breakfast.
    Late night snacking could be a sign that you didn’t take in enough calories earlier in the day.   Start with a nutritious breakfast like an omelet stuffed with mushrooms and spinach or a smoothie with almond milk, fruit and vegetables. Heavy on the protein.
  4. Drink up.
    Thirst and hunger are often confused.  The next time you want a cookie, drink a glass of water to see if the craving goes away.
    This is what I used to recommend.  But I have discovered a new way to use the water to flip the switch on cravings.  It’s working great for me and my Snack Monster. And I’m loving the control it gives me.
    Here is the Ultra Ninja Tip I’m going to give you.  Right after you awaken coat your fingertip with Himalayan Salt. Rub the salt under your tongue and allow it to melt there. Then, drink a cup of water.
    Two hours later, repeat.
    One half hour before lunch, repeat.
    Two hours after lunch, repeat.
    One half hour before dinner, repeat.
    Two hours after dinner, repeat.
    Before sleep, repeat.
    The natural salt restores trace minerals in your system that it lacks and helps greatly to turn on that satisfied signal.
    It sure does for me!
  5. Sleep well.
    Chronic fatigue can also make you want to eat.  Guard your sleep. Go to bed on time and take a nap if you need to catch up on your sleep.
  6. Chew gum.
    Sugar-free gum is an great snack.  Satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy chewing without the guilt. Gum even helps to clean up bacteria in your mouth in between brushing and flossing.
  7. Keep a log.
    You may be snacking more than you think. Keep track by using your phone or a notebook to track what’s really going on.
  8. Identify trigger foods.
    Many of us have trigger foods that we cannot resist.  Save French fries or donuts for special occasions if you tend to go overboard.
  9. Manage stress.
    Are you eating to cover up difficult emotions?  Call a friend or listen to soothing music instead.  Run in the morning or go to the gym after work.  If this doesn’t help, come to me for hypnotherapy.  We’ll deal with the emotions and get you on track to loving yourself.

How to Snack Healthier

  1. Reach for vegetables and fruits.
    A recent study suggests that eating 8 servings of produce a day dramatically increases happiness. 
    Use snacks to help you reach your target.
  2. Control portions.
    Most adults can indulge in any favorite treat as long as they keep the serving size reasonable.  Learn to eyeball what an ounce of almonds or a cup of ice cream looks like.  That means weighting and measuring your portion so you can actually see what one serving looks like.
  3. Create substitutes.
    Do you long for something salty or sweet?  Bake your own pita chips with garlic and olive oil.  Sprinkle toasted oats with cinnamon and dark chocolate cocoa. Find substitutions for your Snack Monster’s favorite and addictive treats.
  4. Stock up.
    Fill your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets with nutrient-dense foods you love. 
    You can make healthy treats in minutes with baby carrots, celery sticks, low fat yogurt, natural peanut butter, and hummus.
  5. Avoid commercials.
    Advertising tends to promote ultra-processed foods high in sugar, salt, and saturated fats.  Hit the mute button when you see TV commercials for candy bars and soda. Find some healthier alternatives in your viewing, too.
  6. Plan ahead.
    Vending machines and gas stations are also full of foods that can derail your diet.  Carry your own snacks in a cooler or plastic bags.  Schedule a break for tea and half a sandwich when you’re out shopping or running errands.  And always eat before you go food shopping. If I shop when I’m hungry, I load up on a lot of foods that are not that good for me.

Make your snacks work for you, keeping you full between meals and fueling up your body. Eat nutrient-dense foods that help you stay slim and strong. Don’t drink your calories.  Try the salt and water therapy and take care of emotions with hypnotherapy or take advantage of my Hypnosis Oasis Spa Class.  You’ve never experienced anything like it!

About the Author Angie J. Hernandez, C.Ht.

A graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Angie J. Hernandez, C.Ht., has her private practice in Milford, Indiana. She is certified in hypnotherapy by the Hypnotherapist's Union Local 472. Angie is the author of "Weight Loss Epiphany: The Workbook" and "The Pretty & Smart Planner. You can find out more about Angie and how to schedule private sessions by calling (574) 658-4686.

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